Nothing Gold...

A Visit to Firewander
Good times at the Pillowed Owl

We first encounter our heroes becoming wrapped up in the city of Nexus, becoming embroiled in its situation quite by accident. Despite their efforts to conceal their natures, a mysterious man known only as “Russet” found them out and summoned them to an establishment in the Brookside neighborhood of Firewander known as The Pillowed Owl.

Having arrived at the rather run-down inn, the coterie of Solars were implored by Russet to help him and his anonymous employers to rebuild a machine of the First Age known as the Alabaster Mandarin. Unfortunately, one of the necessary components of this device is buried under the Firewander Wyld Zone.

Skeptical of Russet’s intentions and honesty, the group questioned his origins and how he came to know they were chosen of the Unconquered Sun. The man waved off these questions, but presented a symbol of the authority with which he spoke: the silver mask of the Emissary of Nexus.

This having sealed the deal, Russet took his leave of the group. And then things got nasty. A group of 7 fair folk hobgoblins burst violently into the common room of the inn, intent on the Solars’ blood. The Solars, for their part, were intent on keeping it. A scuffle ensued in which Silent Bear attempted to beat one hobgoblin to death with another, Tai’Jin executed two others in the space of a single second, and one of Zhou Wu’s crewmen was trampled under a wooden door by a third group. Even so outnumbered, though, all left with hardly a wound (and those that were suffered were largely inflicted by Peed’s ale), and agreed to continue on together to the Firewander Wyld Zone.


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